User Data Fields are custom data fields, where we can create data fields according our need. You can create data fields in the following data types:

  • Number
  • Text
  • Boolean
  • Date
  • List of Text
  • Image
  • Signature
  • File

Apart from the above data types Zorp also has two special data types. List and Locations are composite data types. They contain subfields within them.

Create Custom Data Fields

Custom Data fields can be created from: 2. Workflow Builder 3. App Screen Configuration

Creating Data Field from workflow builder

To create data field from workflow builder,

  • Click Configure Data in top left
  • Click Create New Data field button.
  • Fill All the required details and click create

Now you can see the newly created data field under the data section.

Creating the Data Field from App Component Configuration

The app component configuration provides an additional method of creating data fields. It is used to save data from the app component if a field does not already exist.

  • Drag and drop a component where the user can insert data into like Text Input, camera, signature etc…
  • Select the component in the screen
  • On the right side, you can see panel to configure the component
  • Now click Data field icon which is in the right side of Save Data to field
  • Now you can see data field pop-up with Create New Data Field Button
  • Click the Create New Data Field Button and fill all the required details and click create button
  • Now you can see the component is bound with the newly created data field

Mapping Data field to a specific component

While mapping a data field to a specific component, Zorp allows only matching data types.

For eg., we cannot bind a Number Data field to a Text Input component, we can only bind Number data field to a Number Input component.

Usage of Data Fields

Data fields can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Bind Data field to a component
  • Use Data field in Conditions
  • Use Data field in Action

Bind Data field to a component

We can bind data field to any read only components

  • Go to app builder by clicking on any screen
  • Drag and drop a component into the screen and click on the component
  • You will see options to configure the component in the right side of the screen
  • You can click the data field icon on a text display field like Label or Sub Text.
  • The Data field modal will popup you can select data fields according to your need

Use Data field in Condition

Conditions are used to automatically route the user to different screens based on a predefined logic.

Currently we can configure conditions in Zorp using two different types of logic.

We can also write conditions based on the system data fields.

Example : Only go to Screen B from Screen A, if the user belongs to a particular Team otherwise go to Screen C.

Use Data fields in Action

In Zorp we can define actions to be executed after a particular transition. We can configure three actions to perform after a transition.

We can use the system data fields in any actions. Example : Send Push Notification Message to the user along with task ID.