Data Fields Building any meaningful use case as a workflow would require you to collect and store the data during the execution of the task. These data are defined in a Workflow as Data fields Think of Data fields as database tables specific to your workflow

Each data field has these properties:

  1. Name
  2. Data type (more about supported data types here)
  3. Default value
  4. Create Time Field: This property indicates if this data field will be an input when a task is created. If selected, an option to mark the field as mandatory will be shown Types of data fields
  5. System data fields: These are predefined data fields common to all workflows. More details here User data fields: As the name suggests, these are defined by the workflow author and are specific to each workflow. More details here

Data Types

Data TypeCategoryDescription
TextSimpleText or String value
NumberSimpleNumerical value
LocationCompositeAddress, Latitude & Longitude
BooleanSimpleTrue Or False
DateSimpleDate and Time value
List of TextSimpleA list of Text values
ListCompositeList is a composite data type which in turn holds other data fields of simple data type. More Details
ImageSimpleList of images uploaded
FileSimpleList of files uploaded