These automations can be used to validate user inputs, fetch or update data from external systems, and modify the appearance and behavior of app screens based on user interactions or task events. Below is an overview of the different types of automations supported in Zorp:

Screen Transition Automation: These automations are used to perform validations or integrations with external systems when users navigate from one screen to another within your app. They can be used for location-based validation, duplicate lead prevention, data synchronization, invoice generation and distribution, and more.

Screen On-Load Automation: On-Load Automations are triggered when a screen is loaded in your app. They can be used to control the appearance and behavior of the screen, load data from external systems or databases, and show or hide certain screen components based on specific conditions.

In-Screen Automation: In-Screen Automations are highly dynamic and are triggered by specific events exposed by individual components in the app. Examples of triggers include On Change for Radio, Checkbox, and Dropdown components, and On Image Add or On Image Delete for the Camera component. These automations allow you to create responsive and interactive app screens that adapt based on user interactions and component behavior.

Task Event Automation: Task Event Automations are used to trigger actions or integrations with external systems when certain events occur at the task level. These events can include task assignment or unassignment, task creation or deletion, task updates, or changes to a task’s scheduled slot. Task Event Automations can help streamline workflows and keep your internal systems updated with the latest task information.

These different types of automations, when combined, provide a powerful toolkit for creating highly interactive and dynamic apps in Zorp. By leveraging these automations, you can build sophisticated app experiences that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and databases, providing an intuitive and efficient solution for your users.