What is ZORP Alerts?

Alerts notifies you and automatically resolves operational risks like - SLA breaches, Order delays, Compliance issues and Field issues.

What kind of risks/incidents you can tackle with Alerts?

  1. SLA Breaches - SLAs at Risk, Error rate above threshold, Payment overdue
  2. Order Delays - Product outages, Customer complaint, Delayed delivery, Low inventory
  3. Compliance - Inaccurate data, Contact not signed, Missed audit
  4. Field Issues - Broken equipment, Delayed store opening, Decline in reporting

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How to set up an Alert?

You can set up an Alert in 2 ways -

  1. Using Bluebee AI

    For easy incident and anomaly detection, have Bluebee AI create an alert for you. This is ideal for those unfamiliar with SQL and looking to set up alerts quickly.

  2. Design from Scratch

    Let your inner detective out. SQL savvy folks can quickly design your own alert from scratch—it won’t take days, just a few minutes.