Zorp Docs


Going live with your workflow is as simple as clicking on the publish button on Zorp. Before you publish, make sure you name the workflow in an identifiable manner.
Once you hit publish on any workflow, a few things happen
  • Create an interface on "Task" tab to create a new task for the published workflow.
  • Create an interface on "Task" tab to create tasks in bulk
  • Create an API schema for Tasks to be created via API

Task Creation

Now that the workflow is live, let's go ahead and create a task. There are 3 ways to create a task on Zorp.
  • Single task creation
  • Bulk task creation
  • via task creation APIs
These options can be accessed from Task->Create and choosing the right workflow.

Click on CREATE

Click on Single Task

Choose the right workflow

Task Assignment

Once the task is created, it can be assigned to the right user by clicking on CHANGE TEAM/USER button in the task details page.


Choose the right team

Choose the user within the team

Click on CHANGE

Now, the task has been assigned to the user.

Install Zorp Apps

The Zorp Android and iOS apps can be installed from the following links.
iOS App

Login and Execute

Login to the Zorp app using the same credentials of the user. Follow the guide here
The tasks assigned should be visible in the homepage of the Zorp app. Go ahead and execute!