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System Data Fields

Datafields that are provided by default by the Zorp platform
System Data fields are pre-defined fields common for all the task.
System Data Fields have data related to,
  • task
  • loggedInUser

Task Data

Task Data contains data fields related to task like
  • Task created date
  • Task updated date
  • Details of the User to whom the task is assigned
  • Details of the Team to which the task is assigned
  • Task Scheduled Time
  • Task Status

loggedInUser Data

loggedInUser data contains data fields related to user and team the task is assigned to,
  • Role the user belongs to
  • Team the user belongs to
  • User Name
  • User phone number
  • Location of the User
These above information are collected from the device of the user executing the task.

Usage of Data Fields

Data fields can be used for multiple purposes
  • Bind Data field to a component
  • Use Data field in Conditions
  • Use Data field in Action

Bind Data field to a component

we can bind a data field to any read only components. Here's how to do it.
  • Go to app builder by clicking any screen
  • Drag and drop any component on the screen and click the component.
  • You will see options to configure component in the right side of the screen
  • You can click the data field icon on any fields like label, subtext etc..
  • Data field modal will popup where you can select data fields according to your need
Bind Data Field to a component

Use Data field in Condition

Conditions are used to stop a certain action or transition based on the user configured checks.
Currently we can configure two conditions in Zorp.
  • Location Check,
  • Expression Check,
We can also write conditions based on the system data fields.
Example : Only go to Screen B from Screen A, if the user belongs to a particular Team otherwise go to Screen C.
For more information, see Broken link

Use Data field in Action

In Zorp we can define actions to execute after a particular transition.
We can configure three actions to perform after a transition,
  • Push Notification,
  • API Action,
  • update Data Field.
We can use the system data fields in any action.
Example : Send Push Notification Message to the user along with task ID.
Use Data Field in Action
For more information, see Broken link