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Connect your systems to Zorp
Actions are the primary mode to push data to your internal systems. For ex, if you want to push the workflow data (or data collected from the zorp app) to your internal systems (CRM, Order Management, ERP, Inventory or In-house systems), actions is what you need.
​Rest API action is the most salient action which is useful in variety of use cases. Apart from Rest API action, Zorp also provides a push notification action and Update Data Field action
Actions can be added and configured on a transition between nodes.
Some important points for actions
  • Actions are triggered post successful execution of all the conditions for a particular transition.
  • Actions are executed in sequence, one after another
  • Actions can be rearranged so that the execution sequence is different
  • If any of the action in the sequence fails, it next actions will not be executed
Some use cases for actions:
  • Sending an SMS to a customer when the delivery worker starts from the warehouse (or)
  • Uploading the document to a CRM when the sales person collects the documents at the customer's home
  • Updating the status of the task constantly to the internal data warehouse.