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A team is a logical grouping of users. A team can be treated as an organisation too.
Teams can be created and edited from Settings menu
By default, Central team is created on signup for each account.
Teams List
Teams are hierarchical in nature. The Central team acts the top team of the hierarchy and all other teams are descendants of the central team.
One of the interesting utility of the team hierarchy is the fine-grained control over the users and tasks in the descendant teams. i.e A team higher up in the hierarchy can see the tasks & users belonging to descendant teams. For ex, a user in the Central team can see all the users and tasks in the system, whereas a user in the Bangalore team would be able to see users and tasks in Indiranagar - BLR team and HSR Layout team (but not in Hyderabad team and its descendants)
Team is related to both users and tasks :
  • A user should always be associated to a team
  • A task should always be associated to a team
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