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Task Creation

Task can be created in 3 ways on zorp system:

Single Task Creation

Single Task can be created as follows
  • Select Create->Single Task option from the task listing page.
  • Select a specific workflow from the drop down, select team to which task will be created for and provide value for all the mandatory data fields.
  • Click on Create button. The task created will be assigned to a specified team and assigned to an user if provided
Single Task Creation Steps

Bulk Task Creation

One or more tasks can be created using Bulk Task CSV upload as follows
  • Select Create->Bulk Task option from task listing page
  • Select a specific workflow from the drop down and download the template file.
  • Each row represents one task creation information
  • Fill in the Task Type/Workflow Id (selected workflow id). Fill in the required column values.
  • In case of LIST data field having more than one values, fill in Zorp Group Id column with some id repeating in all rows of the same task information.
  • Select this CSV file and follow the instructions in bulk task upload wizard
    Sample CSV file
    Sample Bulk Task CSV
Sample Bulk Task CSV having a LIST data field
Bulk Task Creation Steps

Task Creation by API

Task can be created by calling Zorp's task create REST API. For API documentation go to Workflows section on Zorp Dashboard and click on API link of a specific workflow from workflow listing page
API Task Creation Steps
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