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All the frequently asked questions about Zorp

What can I build on Zorp?

Zorp helps you build a native mobile app for your on-ground operations. Example: Delivery, Audit, Warehousing etc. Let's say you have a Restaurant, you cannot build an app that allows your customers to order food, but we can build the app that will allow your delivery person to see the order information and deliver it to the customer.

Do I need to know Coding to build apps on Zorp?

No Coding is not mandatory to build apps on Zorp. Zorp is a No-code/Low-Code platform that lets you build apps with easy Drag and Drop features. If you want to perform complex data manipulations on your app you can do that too on our Low-Code interface using JavaScript.

How to start building on Zorp?

You can start building your apps on Workflows which can be seen on the sidebar Zorp. You can add as many Screen Nodes you want based on your use case and configure the app screens using our App Screen builder. Read More​

Do I need to integrate database to build my app on Zorp?

No, Zorp has its own DB which you can use to create your apps. The Data is safely transmitted using SSL/TLS over the wire, and encrypted at rest.

I have created my Workflow, how to test my app?

You need to create a task for the Workflow you have created and assign it to the user to test it. Once assigned, the user will be able to see the assigned task on the Zorp Mobile App (Available in Play Store & AppStore). He/She can now execute the task on the app and test it. Read More​

What is a Task?

A task is a scenario of the Workflow created by you. Lets say you created a Delivery Application, then you will have to create a Task for every Delivery

How to create a Task?

Zorp provides you with 3 different ways to create a task 1. Single Task Creation 2. Bulk Task Creation 3. Task creation through API Read more on Task Creation​

How to view my Task Details?

You can view all your task details under Tasks once you have created and Assigned a Task to an user. The Task Status and Data get updated in realtime as your user progresses in his task from the Zorp Mobile App. Read more on Task Details​

Can I export my Task Details out of Zorp?

Yes, Zorp allows you to Export all the Task details from Tasks using the Export option. On clicking Export it gives you the tasks data in a CSV file. In addition to this, you could also make use of Actions on Zorp to connect your Database to send data realtime using REST APIs. Read more on Actions​
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