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What is Chronos?

Chronos is a modern data exploration and visualization platform in Zorp platform
Chronos is a powerful and user-friendly data exploration and visualization tool. It allows you to connect to your zorp data (tasks, users and teams), analyze data, and create interactive dashboards and visualizations without writing complex code.
With Chronos, you can easily explore and understand your data through visualizations such as charts, graphs, and maps.
You can think of chronos to be a modern Business Intelligence system
You can access chronos at https://chronos.zorp.one/


  • Intuitive interface for effortlessly visualizing datasets and building interactive dashboards
  • Diverse range of stunning visualizations to showcase your data effectively
  • Visualize data without writing code using the intuitive visualization builder
  • Powerful SQL IDE for preparing data, including a comprehensive metadata browser


  1. 1.
    Home Tab:
    • The Home tab is your landing page in Chronos and provides an overview of your data analysis and reporting activities.
    • To access the Home tab, simply log in to your Chronos instance using your credentials. The Home tab will be the default page you see.
  2. 2.
    Dashboards Tab:
    • The Dashboards tab allows you to create, manage, and view interactive dashboards that consolidate visualizations and data.
    • To create a new dashboard, click on the "New Dashboard" button. Give it a name, select the desired layout, and start adding visualizations to it.
    • To view a dashboard, click on its name from the list of available dashboards. You can interact with the visualizations and explore the underlying data.
  3. 3.
    Charts Tab:
    • The Charts tab lets you create, explore, and manage individual visualizations and charts.
    • To create a new chart, click on the "New Chart" button. Choose a data source, select the chart type, configure the visualization options, and save it.
    • To explore existing charts, browse through the list of available charts. You can filter, search, and sort the charts based on various criteria.
  4. 4.
    Datasets Tab:
    • The Datasets tab provides access to your data sources and allows you to manage and explore the datasets available in Chronos.
    • To add a new dataset, click on the "Add Dataset" button. Specify the data source, table, and relevant details. You can also define data slices and permissions.
    • To explore a dataset, select it from the list of available datasets. You can preview the data, apply filters, and perform basic data exploration tasks.
  5. 5.
    SQL Labs Tab:
    • The SQL Labs tab enables you to write and execute SQL queries directly within Chronos.
    • To start writing a query, click on the "New Query" button. Enter your SQL code in the editor, select the data source, and execute the query.
    • You can view the query results in a table format or visualize them using various chart types.