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What is Zorp?
The technology platform for your mobile workforce
Welcome to the ZORP Documentation. You can find all the resources on how to build, manage and execute ZORP applications here. This is a continuous work in progress. We appreciate any input on how to make this better.
ZORP helps you build products for the Mobile Workforce in minutes.
Here's what you can do with ZORP.

🎨 Design & deploy native mobile applications

You can design powerful, scalable native iOS and Android apps on ZORP through a simple drag-and-drop interface. The WYSIWYG interface makes it very easy even for non-developers to build applications. ZORP also has the ability to use data from your internal applications. Use the easy integrations to connect to any platform including SMS service providers, Whatsapp business accounts, CRMs, ERPs, Warehouse Management Systems, or any internal system with REST API capabilities.
Once you create the application, you can go live with your application at the click of a button. There is no deployment or coding or editing. ZORP apps are instantly live and usable.
The apps that get built on ZORP cover a wide range of use cases including but not limited to delivery, warehousing, field sales, fintech, on-ground marketing, home services, KYC, attendance management, etc. You can see some example applications on our YouTube channel

👨 Manage your teams, users, and their work through a comprehensive dashboard

ZORP's interactive and user-friendly dashboard enables you and your team to track all your people, tasks, and reports in one single unified interface.
The ZORP dashboard is where you would be able to create new tasks, manage your ongoing tasks, manage your teams, and analyze reports. The dashboard comes with powerful ancillary tools such as task schedulers, geographic location-wise views, and granular data-oriented dashboards with powerful rule builders to help you manage your day-to-day operations with ease.

🔎 Measure and monitor your people and the work they do in real-time

ZORP also allows you to analyze your data to understand the bottlenecks in your process flows. Use real-time or historical granular data to get actionable insights to make decisions faster than ever. Our platform enables you to come to a consensus faster, make the necessary changes to your workflow, and deploy within minutes instead of weeks or months.
This documentation allows you to get up and running in as little as 15 minutes. Let's roll ✌️
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